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"I had two gum grafts done by Donna Massoth in February 2012. If you could see my gums today, you wouldn't even be able to tell where the grafts were done. They are beautiful! She restored my mouth to it's childhood and I am no longer "long in the tooth." Her office has this down to a science. Gave me something to relax before surgery; the surgery was quick and pain free; followed her instructions for after surgery and ended up with excellent results. The staff were all so nice and professional and comforting. The feeling I had when I visited on multiple times was that everyone there was very happy. That tends to tell you a lot. I like that the doctor had small but skilled hands and didn't show any tools as she did her work. Passed them behind your head. Nice! Reduced anxiety. I liked that she had a gentle and calming voice and told a few stories to get your mind off things and that they gave you an ipod to listen to relaxing spa music or any type of music. I also like that her staff called me to see how I was doing and the doctor called also on a Sunday to see how I was doing and if I had any concerns. Wow!"
"I have had a total of 4 gum surgeries with Dr. Massoth and after the first one the other 3 were a no-brainers.  All 4 surgeries were done with donor tissue which I learned about on my first visit.  This eliminated the need for removing tissue from my own upper pallet.  I took Ibuprofen before the surgery as suggested and iced afterwards.  I had no discomfort during or after and actually had to work hard to remember that I had even had the surgery done so I would behave and not eat seeds or things like hard chips for a while.  Dr. Massoth and her staff are very kind and professional and my dentist says that my gums now look GREAT and my teeth should last a life-time!"
"Dear Donna, Thank you for your wonderful work on my wife, _____.  The results look beauitful.  I sure appreciate all the great work you do for our patients.  Thank you!"  (From a dental colleague)
"Dear Dr. Massoth and Team,  Thank you for helping me get my 3rd gum surgery completed.  I appreciate the many phone calls, messages and emails you guys had to do for me!  None of you ever got frustrated wiht me and were very accomodating.  I also work in healthcare (nurse), so I am thankful for all the little and big things you have done to help me.  Dr. Massoth- thank you for your flawless work and for keeping me in line when I complain.  Jeni - thank you for your kind bedside manner."
"Dr. Massoth inspired confidence in me by her assured manner.  She seemed thorough in assessing the condition of my teeth and gums and gave specific instructions for follow-up to her staff.  Confidence was also promoted by my impression that the way Dr. M. spoke to her staff conveyed the message that they were intelligent and valued participants in this office's business.  I also appreciate that Dr. Massoth has an ongoing collaboration with Dr. Sako, who is my dentist.  Dr. M. and staff have taken the initiative to communicate with Dr. S.  These aspects of my dental and periodontal care have been very important to me because previously I was thoroughly overwhelmed with fragments of info, poorly focused planning with a jumble of personnel.  So thank-you all, including Elaine, Madison, Pat, Quinton, and Dr. Massoth."
"Dr. Massoth,  I want to thank you for your amazing periodontal surgery!  Your intricate work is so well done, and I'm grateful for your expertise and knowledge!  I have repeatedly told ____ how gentle you are, professional yet personable, and great with your staff.  My experiences were wonderful and I thank you for all your hard work! :)  Your staff is also an amazing group of people.  Please extend my thanks to them as well!  I am blessed to have better gum/oral health because of you!"
“Dr. Massoth is great! They show the patients respect. They listen and take the time to make a wise decision. They are thorough in their examinations and diagnosis, skilled in surgery. The staff is friendly and they put me at ease…I felt secure to be in such caring and skilled hands”
“My experience was awesome!!...Everyone here is very caring and sensitive to your feelings!”
“Dr _____ is very, very impressed with your work...thanks to your skill and demeanor, and your staff’s tremendous support, I wouldn’t hesitate to have it done again if the need arises. No more trepidation. I felt absolutely no physical pain during the operation and experienced very little discomfort during the healing process. I am grateful to you and your great staff for your skill and kindness.”
“I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of post-operative pain and the quick healing.”
“This is to express my appreciation for the excellent treatment I received from you and your staff… My experience with you, your staff, and your facility has been pleasant throughout. During the surgeries you performed I was impressed at your gentle touch and I appreciate the fact that my healing time was fairly short and without a lot of discomfort. Also, I always feel at ease when dealing with your office staff. Yours is a first rate, professionally run operation.”
“Dr. Massoth was professional throughout the entire process and did everything possible to ensure that I was comfortable and that I understood what I was having done to my gums.”
“Dr. Massoth was very professional and competent.”
“You made a scary experience not so scary. I appreciate your kindness.”
“I’m so happy to report all my anxiety was for nothing. The staff was helpful in explaining the procedure thoroughly.”
“Dr. Massoth and her assistants are skilled, efficient, and comforting. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Massoth and her team for any periodontal work – they are outstanding”
“The part of the procedure I will always remember is how wonderfully I was treated by every single person in Dr. Massoth’s office. They have their act together and they care.”
“I was initially apprehensive about this surgery. However, because of the sensitivity and expertise of Dr. Massoth and her staff, I would not hesitate to repeat this type of surgery if needed or to recommend it for others.”
“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the care I have received from you and your entire staff for what is now more than a decade. I am a walking endorsement for potential patients: You have shaped a course of treatment for severe periodontal disease that both addressed my psychological fears and accommodated my limited financial resources – and most important, produced what to this point have been great results. Thanks again – I am grateful for the professionalism of everyone in your office.”
“I want to thank you, Dr. Massoth, for the very high level of professionalism that I experienced during my four sessions with you and your staff. The caring culture that pervades your office was greatly appreciated and put me at ease. I felt that I was part of a delightful and warm family during my sessions. “

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